Hello there! My name is KERRIISMS, a Toronto-born, Brooklyn-raised writer, editor, vlogger, and singer with a knack, passion, and slight obsession for the random things of life.

In 2012, I graduated from Brooklyn College with a degree in Journalism. Then after 20 years in Brooklyn, I picked up and moved to a new country that wasn’t so new to me: welcome to Toronto, Ontario, Canada! In the past four years, I’ve been navigating adulthood, the choppy waters of the job search and sector, and just life in general. In late 2015, I decided to make a name for myself and share my story with you! Literally.

My goal is to produce content for someone who’s coming on here to read, watch, listen, and relate to. Life isn’t easy, but it is most definitely worth it. I’m still learning a lot but I have a lot t share as well. This space is mine and it is my soapbox. Are you excited to see what’s in store? I AM.

I’ve taken risks, I’ve made mistakes, but I am still here, and I believe in myself. My mantra life is to STAY TUNED to the world around me while also STAYING TRUE to myself. Who else is ready to do the same?

Stick around for a while, there’s still a little magic yet to be made.

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