Understanding Boundaries and Setting Them for Healthier Relationships

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Boundaries are an interesting topic to explore because they change as new experiences and growth from those experiences occur. Learning about boundaries for the first time or even trying them out in your relationships can feel empowering at times, uncertain other times, or empowering while uncertain. It’s a work in progress. With practice, you learn to stand on what is true for you as you become more confident in yourself and what you believe in. ⠀ ⠀

Through a lot of trial and error (emphasis on a lot), here are some things you may discover as you are understanding what boundaries mean to you and why setting them can create healthy and stable dynamics in your relationships:

  1. Boundaries are a form of self-expression. They help you to honor your needs, what you value, and what you believe in. They help to bring more clarity to yourself and others about who you are.

2. Boundaries are not meant to cut everyone off or keep everyone out. They are meant to attract and invite the right people in and connect with them.

3. Boundaries can be flexible. They can evolve and change because our needs, values, and beliefs evolve and change on our journey.

4. Knowing what your boundaries are (your values, needs, and beliefs) can help you have better, stable, and healthier interactions with yourself and the people you share connections with.

5. No one else knows what your boundaries are but you. Relationships are strengthened and can remain healthy when you communicate your boundaries to the people you love and care about.

6. Many relationships require boundaries. It is how we are able to be ourselves and still share our lives with each other. They help us to accept, respect, and understand each other without trying to change each other.

Image Credit: Canva

7. It is a form of self love and self care to honor and respect your own boundaries. You show yourself and others how to treat you by the way you respect your boundaries.

8. It is a form of self love and self care to honor the boundaries of the people you love and care about. You show yourself and others how much you love, care for, and respect them by the way you respect their boundaries.

9. When you honor and respect your boundaries, you are honoring who you are right now and who you are becoming. The right people for you will respect that and try to understand that.

10. You are creating a safe space for the present and future versions of you to grow and evolve. You are also creating a safe space for others to do the same or just be themselves in their connection with you.

How do you feel when it is time to express a boundary or after you have already expressed it? Are you comfortable with sharing different opinions and perspectives, especially with the people you love and care about? What are some feelings that come up for you when you need to set a boundary?

It is helpful to set and maintain your own boundaries to protect your peace, your energy, and who you are in the present moment. It is also important to respect and support the boundaries people set for you in your relationships. It sets the stage for more understanding, more conversations, deeper bonds, and intimate connections.


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