4 Powerful Ways to Return Home to Yourself

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If you have been on a healing, self love, or spiritual journey, you may take a leap in the hope of finding yourself. However, instead of finding yourself, you realize that your journey may be more about remembering your soul’s purpose, reclaiming your childlike nature, and honoring who you have always been.

A counter question would be what if in finding yourself you are actually remembering who you are? If you are interested in taking the leap in getting to know yourself on a deeper level, here are some important stops you may take on your journey:


Instead of shifting the blame to someone else, choose to discover what is going on within you. “What story is this thought or emotion supporting? Why am I bothered by this? This interaction just touched a tender spot for me—am I still healing in this area?” The relationships that you have are opportunities to learn more about yourself and look within.


Learning to take responsibility for what is yours. Allowing yourself to be wrong in the moment. Giving yourself the space in your heart to want connection more than being right. To apologize and accept apologies when mistakes are made, and to offer yourself and others compassion. Doing these things in the ways that feel right for you so that you can forgive and be forgiven. Owning your identity, setting boundaries accordingly, and trusting your intuition. You take accountability when you learn to carry what is yours so you can have enough space within you to see yourself and others fully.


Being present and surrendering to the moment. Learning to flow with life instead of pushing against it. Accepting yourself and others at the point you meet each other in life, not how you want yourself and each other to be. Believing what is yours in this life is already on its way to you—there is no rush or hurry. Accepting that all experiences are meant to be, but the time frame of those experiences are not always up to you or your force of will. All you have is the present moment.

Image Credit: Canva


Using the past more as a reference point and less as a road map. Choosing to be kind to yourself and others when outcomes don’t happen in your favor. (This can be difficult at times and it is a skill to practice and strengthen as often as possible). Choosing to feel, name, and own your emotions instead of giving them the power to own you when you resist them. Offering understanding while also standing in your truths. Cherishing the past, celebrating the present, and choosing not to worry about the future until it arrives.

Making the choice to do all of the above in grace, as often as humanly possible. Also, honoring your humanity when you are not able to do all of the above in grace.

Can you relate? What is the first stop you plan to take on your journey back to yourself?

Returning home to yourself can feel like a free fall with no ground beneath you at first. No compass, guide, or key but somehow there is an inner knowing on how to unlock the path before you. It is okay not to know where to begin. Learning how to love and care for yourself starts with little changes that you can commit to over time; it is building consistency, a slow and steady journey.


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