The Truth Behind Beginning Again

This year so far has been one for the books. It left me reflective, overwhelmed, and exhausted— sometimes it felt like being suspended in time with each new day and sunrise. This year also gave me more things to be grateful for and a journey of new beginnings to share with you.

Gentle reminders are everywhere this year: slow down when you need to, take a good look of what’s happening around you, and give yourself the space and freedom to begin again.

As I write this, I am learning to embrace as many of my imperfections as possible. When I say, as many as possible, I really mean that. Lately, these revelations would show up when I least expected it and when I was completely out of my depth. This can be a scary feeling and experience at times.

Lately, I have been learning how to use my voice, especially as a content creator. A bunch of questions pop into my head and I psyche myself out. Since last year, I made a pact with myself to create and share more content, even when I feel terrified or uncertain. Any other fellow content creators feel this way?

This month makes five years since I became a content creator and it brought so many good things out of me: determination, drive, passion, ambition, persistence. It also showed me what was in the shadows: self-doubt, fear, uncertainty, and the imposter syndrome. Sometimes, you have to see your shadows for what they are, hear them out, and and lay those fears to rest. Working through fear can be a wild ride, but it is such a confidence boost when you make it to the other side. It is how more of the good things can shine through and you have more space to thrive.

I have a feeling that life has been persistent in showing me that there is so much beauty in what I view as my imperfections. There is beauty is not always having a plan. Also, imagine the magic it takes to figure things out on the spot and make it to the other side. There! Not so scary as you thought, right? Now, let’s try that as many times as possible. This is the space where I can accept myself as I am and embrace my imperfections. I am just as much my strengths as I am my flaws. Imperfect and magical, all at the same time.

These days, beginning again for me looks like talking more about spirituality, wellness, and mental health. It looks like choosing the path that feels right from within. Beginning again is different for everyone; you get to decide what works best for you. ⠀

When you feel lost, when you feel yourself spinning out or spinning around in tight circles, when you’re hesitant about your next move, you may be on the horizon of beginning again.

If you’ve tried something new this year, feel free to share it with me and the rest of the crew in the comments below. What does beginning again mean to you?

Hi, I’m Kerri Olivia. I am a writer, life coach, and content creator. I am the host of “KERRIISMS SPEAKS,” a podcast that covers topics such as self love, self care, spirituality, wellness, and mental health. Join the crew on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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