Instagram 10.2.19Hey crew, how have you been? I’ve been away for a while because I have been working on something close to my heart and I am finally ready to share it with you: I wrote a book! My book of poetry and prose, ‘REQUITED,’ will be coming your way in 2020. Honestly, is this even real?

I can’t believe it as I am writing this,  but there are two things I know for sure:

1. Everything happens exactly when it’s supposed to. 
2. If you don’t let up on your dreams and keep at it with hard work and consistency, it is a guarantee that they will come true. If you work hard, the timeline of your success is not “if,” but “when.”

Three years ago, this book started as little thoughts and doodles in my Notes app. It turned into an outline and a few days ago, it turned into the first completed draft for my book. I set a goal for the amount of pages I wanted to write. Throughout this process, there were days where I wanted to give up because I did not know if I had anything to write or where it would come from. There were times that this book sat for months on end without me touching it. There was no timeline in sight. When it came to publishing this book, I thought, “Someday.”

I was writing this week and when I finally saw that I hit my goal, I immediately started crying because this was a series of little victories that turned into a big moment. This was another teaching moment because I learned that small victories are victories, too. Since you all are a part of my crew, it was only right to share this exciting news with you.

I wanted to be a writer since I was 13-years-old, but the year I found my voice was the year I lost it. That year, I thought and believed that you cannot always share your truth and for more than half of my life, I went quiet and became incredibly introverted.

This book explores the journey of finding that voice again through my life experiences, loss, heartbreak, re-discovering self-love, and realizing that the love within me never left. I wrote this book for that 13-year-old girl. I hope I make her proud.

I also wrote this book for little girls everywhere, for the inner child in every woman, and especially for little black girls who are discovering their voice and also want to share that voice through writing or however else they choose to share it. Though you may lose your voice, even stumble along the way, never stop fighting for it. When you find it again, it will make the journey even sweeter.

As a special thank you for being a part of the crew, I’m sharing a preview of my book! Click here get your sneak peek of ‘REQUITED.’ Thank you all for your support over the years. It means so much and I appreciate every, single one of you. Stay tuned and stay true, my beautiful crew! xoxo

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