Can you believe that half of the year is complete? Where in the world did the time go? For the past five months, I have been receiving glam bags from a monthly beauty subscription named IPSY and I have to say that it has definitely been an interesting experience so far.

Back in December 2016, I went back home to Brooklyn for Christmas and met up with my best friend for dinner. While we were eating, she pulled out this pink furry bag and my eyes pretty much bulged out my head. We tend to share a lot of beauty hack and tips with each other on the daily, so when I saw it my immediate thought was, “What is that bag, why is it so pretty, and where can I find it?”

You see, she mentioned IPSY to me on and off, and I never really took it seriously. There were snaps of new products here and there, but it was still no dice for me. It was when I saw the bag, my mind was made up and there was definitely no turning back. I actually tried to put her glam bag in my purse and leave, but she had her eye on me. Also, it was too late to get the December back because it was a few days before the new year at the time and all the glam bags were distributed since the beginning of the month. Better luck next time, sport.

I spoke to one of my friends about IPSY who is also a beauty vlogger on YouTube. She was subscribed to IPSY in the past and was moving on to other beauty subscription boxes, but highly recommended that I try it. So, I came back to Toronto after a much-needed trip and decided to subscribe to IPSY for the year. Literally, it was New Year’s Day and I was on their site like, “Sign me up!!”

With each month, there were a few hits and misses. To date, February was my glam bag and not because it is my birth month. However, sometimes, there were more misses than hits. I kept receiving nude eyeshadows and I didn’t have any luck with those, no matter the palette. At the end of April, I seriously thought about leaving IPSY, but eventually, I decided to stay on.

I was happy that I did.

Each month, you receive five sample items. This month, I received IT Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara in Black, Jelly Pong Pong Supercharged Super Intense Eyeshadow Duo in Electric, Pixi by Petra Endless Silky Eye Pen in BlackNoir or OpalOvercoat, Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel, and Briogeo Rosarco Milk™ Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray. I’m especially excited about using the mascara because 1. Mascara is my favorite makeup item (sorry, highlighter, you’re a close second) and 2. Which mascara these days give BOTH length and volume?

Every beauty subscription service is not perfect. Yet, with the reviews and feedback IPSY allows you to give each month, your experience becomes more personalized to your beauty wants and needs. February is still my favorite month so far from the subscription, but in the month of May, I was quite pleased with the sample products. Honestly, I’m just here to collect the glam bags, I’m not even going to lie.

If you wear makeup a lot and you are interested in trying out some new products, IPSY is definitely the way to go and for $10/month (conversion rates makes it a bit higher for Canadians), you really can’t go wrong. If you received the good word and want more information on IPSY products or even start a subscription, click here. If you need some more convincing, check out my latest IPSY haul in the video below.

Always remember, crew, STAY TUNED and STAY TRUE!