lemonade-beyonce-film-1108x0-c-defaultWhat an hour that was!

On Saturday, April 23, 2016, Beyoncé released her sixth studio album, Lemonade at 8 p.m. on HBO. With 12 new tracks revealed in her hour-long movie, it’s safe to say that she effortlessly stopped the world with another digital drop.

The hour-long video is set in phases of intuition, denial, anger, apathy, emptiness, accountability, reformation, forgiveness, resurrection, hope, and redemption with a song fitting for each act or emotion.

Lemonade’s track list is as follows:

  1. Pray You Catch Me
  2. Hold Up
  3. Don’t Hurt Yourself (ft. Jack White)
  4. Sorry
  5. 6 Inch (ft. The Weeknd)
  6. Daddy Lessons
  7. Love Drought
  8. Sandcastles
  9. Forward (ft. James Blake)
  10. Freedom (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
  11. All Night 
  12. Formation

Guest appearances from James Blake, The Weeknd, Jack White, and Kendrick Lamar help tell her story of jealousy, betrayal, pain, love, black women and black lives in America, and redemption. The backdrop of scenes from the visual album helped to create beautiful imagery and add more depth to the lyrics. Cameos include Serena Williams, Winnie Harlow, Amandla Sternberg, Zendaya, and more.

Not only does Beyoncé sing R&B, but she dabbles in a bit of rock n’ roll and some country music, too! She is at her most brazen and vulnerable, the zest of life a la Mrs. Carter.

If you have not seen or heard this album yet, do yourself a favor and click here, or you may be able to purchase Lemonade on iTunes at midnight. You will be glad you did.

Photo: Little White Lies